I paint in order to create visual sanctuaries for the soul... Spaces where you can lose yourself in the beauty of colour and the harmony of good vibrations..


    All of my work is about creating good energy and exploring emotions and vibrations through art: it's about making what's not physical, physical.


    I have found that when I focus on good feeling emotions such as love, peace, joy and an overall sense of going with the flow, life becomes so much easier and more relaxed. And so it is this exploration of emotions as vibrational frequencies that I give focus and attention to through my art; my own writing and my interest in exploring vibrational energy, the Law of Attraction and the quantum field informs much of my work. 



    By writing messages on digital images of my original paintings, I have created a body of work which like emojis, can be shared digitally in the spirit of spreading good vibrations through art. 



    When I write, my intention is to always create and share good energy: I don't believe you have to know somoneone in order to send them love, to wish them well and hope that they have peace in their hearts. 


    There are many things we can't control in our lives, however, we do have control over the thoughts we think and vibrational frequencies we create through our thoughts: my writing focuses on what I hope will give joy and encouragement...


    There's so much more to us than we often give ourselves credit for, and when we focus on doing what makes our heart sing and what lights us up - that's when we become truly alive...


    Sent with love