• Hello and welcome to my Portal Collection, now available as prints as well as original 3D paintings on gesso panels....

    Hello and welcome to my Portal Collection, now available as prints as well as original 3D paintings on gesso panels. Created using high-frequency paints from Switzerland, my paintings are about creating visual doorways to transcend the everyday.

    The bands of colour represent good-feeling emotions, and we get to decide what those emotions are: love, joy, inner peace and harmony, flow, alignment - it’s like the painting becomes our emotional vision board – the inspiration for creating more good-feeling emotions in our lives.




  • Art to lift your spirits

    Art to lift your spirits

    My high vibrational artworks are about bringing more colour and good energy into our lives: from the use of high-frequency paints in my original paintings to my public art installations with uplifting messages. They are about capturing the essence of something that feels good: making what’s not physical, physical through the medium of paint.


    Inspired by mandalas and the circle representing energy having no beginning or end, my vibrant Portal Collection are created with the intention of not only make your home look and feel more beautiful on the outside, but also make you feel more joyful and uplifted on the inside.

    to see the full portal collection click here
  • Prints , Fine Art Prints on Sustainable Bamboo Paper


    Fine Art Prints on Sustainable Bamboo Paper

    To see the full collection of open edition and limited prints on sustainable bamboo fine art paper, click HERE 

    Works are available mounted or framed and all works are individualy printed to order in the UK and can be shipped worldwide.

  • Only the finest ingredients...

    Only the finest ingredients...

    I use non-toxic, high frequency paints charged with highly structured frequency waves obtained from plants, precious stones, metals and minerals. Made by hand in Switzerland, without added solvents or animal products, these pure highly pigmented water-based paints are environmentally friendly, and all water used in production is returned back into the environment clean and pure.


    My circular gesso panels are all handmade in the UK from sustainable poplar wood with a warp free aluminium subframe and for my works on paper, I use the finest cotton paper with a high recycled content, by Arches who have been making paper in the same mill in Vosges, France since 1492.  For my new print collection, I use eco-friendly bamboo paper to create vibrant giclee prints which are all printed to order in the UK.

  • A Billion Hugs featured on the BBC

    Last summer, a dream I had held in my heart for the longest time, finally came true when a fleet of 25 Red Routemaster buses became my canvas: throughout July, August & September, "A Billion Hugs" became Britain's first mobile public art installation focusing on mental wellness, uplifting lives as it moved through the streets of London.



  • No Pushy Pop-ups!

    No Pushy Pop-ups!

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