• Hello and Welcome

    Hello and Welcome

    I'm  Lisa Sharpe, a high-vibrational artist: my work centres around good-feeling energy & emotions - making what's not physical, physical through the medium of paint.  It's my intention to create works that uplift our hearts, as well as our homes.


    You might have seen my artwork on buses around London during July, August & September - 'Billion Hugs' was Britain's first mobile public art installation focusing on mental wellness where a fleet of 25 Red Routemaster buses became my canvas to remind people that they matter and that they are loved....


  • A Billion Hugs

    A desire to help people dealing with unprecedented levels of anxiety and depression, and for them to receive a visual hug when they need it most, prompted artist, Lisa Sharpe, to launch ‘A Billion Hugs’ on London’s iconic Routemaster buses. Featured on the  BBC News  The art installation has been so popular that it has been running throughout July, August & September 2022.

  • Kind Testimonials from some of my collectors

    I am the proud owner of a Lisa Sharpe original, “Blues in the Mist” and I soak up the beautiful serene energy of this painting each and everyday. Heartfelt gratitude to Lisa Sharpe for elevating my home and brightening my life with brilliant, irreplaceable one-of-a-kind, high vibrational artwork. 

    Krysia B, Toronto, Canada

    Lisa is and artist who paints with her heart and soul. Each stroke has great energy and thought running through it. There is always something more to discover in her work particularly through her wonderfully vibrant use of colour. 

    Sarah B, London

    Lisa’s art provides inspiration for everyone. From the way she uses crystals to the choice of uplifting words, each unique piece of art uplifts the soul. As an owner of several original works, I was mesmerised by how a special energy and aura in her strokes of paint and literally brought the colours to life. 

    Swee-Lin L, Singapore

    My small LS “jewel” - is soft and greeny grey - it shimmers with her textured use of paint - flecked with subtle lavender - touched with a hint of earthiness - you are drawn on a gentle journey through her depths and layers  - lead by the touches of light and forever intrigued each time you view it...

    Fiona W, Winchester, UK

    Lisa's artwork is uplifting, inspiring, calming and very beautiful. It adds rays of sunshine into everybody's life and invites you to embrace all there is.  

    E H-B, Miami, USA

    It has pride of place in our home, I so love your work!!

    Tessa P, London

  • My portal paintings

    My portal paintings

    Colour has the ability to create its own visual language: a language which like music, bypasses the mind and connects directly to the soul - it's this language of emotions and connection which I strive to speak: love is at the core of all that I create. My circular portal paintings are like emotional vision boards - the bands of colour represent good feeling emotions and you decide the good-feeling emotions that you'd like to experience more of in your life.

  • Available Artworks

    Available Artworks

    All my artworks are created using high-frequency paints from Switzerland and it's my intention to create works that not only make your home look more beautiful and uplifted, but also make you feel more joyful, connected and uplifted.


    All the latest available works can be seen   Here  - new works are added regularly. 



  • Creating, giving, making a difference

    Creating, giving, making a difference

    I believe we're all here for a reason, and this is why I am here...

    •  TO CREATE  visual sanctuaries for the soul
    •  TO GIVE visual hugs via public art & free uplifting art which can be downloaded  HERE 
    •  TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE by adding more love and good energy into the world 
  • I want my work to 'do' something

    I want my work to "do" something

    I want my work to make a difference, to connect and uplift 

    To remind us to believe in ourselves, our hopes, our dreams

    To inspire us create our own realities as we want them to be… 

    Some of my writing can be found here

  • Like a Michelin star meal, the ingredients are key...

    Like a Michelin star meal, the ingredients are key...

    • MY HIGH FREQUENCY PAINTS are charged with highly structured frequency waves obtained from plants, precious stones, metals and minerals. Made by hand in Switzerland, without added solvents or animal products, these pure highly pigmented water-based paints are environmentally friendly: all water used in production is returned back into the environment pure and clean.
    • MY PAPER is 100% cotton recycled paper by Arches who have been making paper in the same mill in Vosges, France since 1492.
    • MY CIRCULAR GESSO PANELS are handmade in the UK from sustainable poplar wood with a warp free aluminium subframe. 
    • MY CANVASES are handmade in the UK with the finest cottons, linens & kiln dried stretcher bars from sustainable tulip wood.
  • Another key ingredient is my vibration..., 'IF YOU WANT TO FIND THE SECRETS OF THE UNIVERSE, THINK IN TERMS OF...

    Another key ingredient is my vibration...

    • I have a responsibility to keep my vibration high, because when I paint, a part of my vibrational energy is held in that painting: it's my intention to add only high frequency, good-feeling energy into the world and if I’m not in a good place, I don’t paint.
    • It has taken me years of study/practice to master this, to consciously stay in a better feeling place, to become aware of the vibrational energy I’m creating, transmitting & receiving...
    • In the past, I’d give my focus and attention to what wasn’t working in my life, and therefore be getting more of the same, now I consciously create from a higher vibrational place.