• Art to lift your spirits, Lisa Sharpe, high-vibrational artist



    Art to lift your spirits

    Lisa Sharpe, high-vibrational artist

    I paint in order to add more love and good energy into the world and it all started with seeing a bus advertising a horror movie! 


    I believe we're all here to shine brightly, to be the very best version of ourselves, to be lit up from the inside out . . .  I create my portal paintings as sanctuaries for the soul: visual doorways to transcend the everyday, taking us to a nurturing, healing space where we feel more uplifted and connected to our inner self. 


    The bands of colour represent good-feeling emotions and we get to decide what those emotions are: love, joy, inner peace, harmony, flow, alignment . . .  By giving focus and attention to the sort of vibrational energy that lights us up, we automatically attract more of it into our lives.


  • A Billion Hugs - Public Art Installation

    A Billion Hugs - Public Art Installation

    Back in 2005,  I was in the middle of a major burnout when I saw a bus advertising a horror movie and as I felt that low, dark negative energy, I vowed to one day send out a happier, more loving energy into the world...


    It took me nearly 17 years to make it happen:  "A Billion Hugs" - Britain's first moving public art installation focusing on mental wellness....


    To watch the video featured on the BBC News CLICK HERE

  • Free Art to download

    Free Art to download

    We live in a transactional world – giving in order to get - where talk is often about metrics, measurements and statistics: what’s in it for me, what do I get out of it? ‘A Billion Hugs’ was the total opposite to that; the effects of it couldn't be measured or monitored: I don't know how many lives it touched, we can’t measure the impact of how it made someone feel or the ripple effect it caused and that’s what lights me up: that’s what I believe unconditional giving is all about. And that is why I have always had free art to download on my website - no email necessary - share however you like.  CLICK HERE 

  • Sustainable Prints , Tell them you love them

    Sustainable Prints

    Tell them you love them

    Beautiful open edition prints on sustainable bamboo fine art paper: affordable and eco-friendly art gifts from £49. All works are individualy printed to order in the UK and can be shipped worldwide.


    To see the print collection CLICK HERE


  • Portal Paintings , 'If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and...

    Portal Paintings

    "If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration" Nikola Tesla

    My artistic practice is about creating high-vibrational energy: making what's not physical, physical through paint. Exploring how we can raise the vibrational frequencies we are transmitting and receiving, in order to experience more good-feeling emotions in our lives.


    Inspired by mandalas, the circular shape represents the flow of energy where there is no beginning, no end . . . I create my Portal paintings with the intention of helping our homes to look more uplifting and joyful on the outside and for us to feel more uplifted and joyful on the inside.


    To see the original Portal painting collection or to commission your own unique high-vibrational portal painting CLICK HERE


  • Only the finest ingredients...

    Only the finest ingredients...

    I use non-toxic, high frequency paints charged with highly structured frequency waves obtained from plants, precious stones, metals and minerals. Made by hand in Switzerland, without added solvents or animal products, these pure highly pigmented water-based paints are environmentally friendly.


    My circular gesso panels are handmade in the UK from sustainable wood; for my works on paper, I use the finest Arches cotton paper with a high recycled content, and  for my print collection, I use eco-friendly bamboo paper to create vibrant fine art prints, all printed to order in the UK.

  • Own Your Health Podcast with Katie Brindle

    Own Your Health Podcast with Katie Brindle

    I really opened my heart on this podcast with the fabulous Katie Brindle... it explains why I do what I do and what my paintings are all about.  We dived into the life-changing power of positive energy and high vibrational therapy and how focusing on good-feeling emotions and using high vibrational art can lead to profound healing and a more balanced life.

    For the links to the podcast on Apple or Spotify CLICK HERE

  • Maven Awards 2024 Winner!

    Maven Awards 2024 Winner!

    Such an honour and surprise to co-win the Creative category for "A Billion Hugs" at the Maven Awards 2024 at the Theatre Royal, Winchester and to then be featured on the front page of the Hampshire Chronicle!
  • Testimonials

    I am the proud owner of a Lisa Sharpe original, “Blues in the Mist” and I soak up the beautiful serene energy of this painting each and everyday. Heartfelt gratitude to Lisa Sharpe for elevating my home and brightening my life with brilliant, irreplaceable one-of-a-kind, high vibrational artwork. 

    Krysia B, Toronto, Canada

    Lisa is and artist who paints with her heart and soul. Each stroke has great energy and thought running through it. There is always something more to discover in her work particularly through her wonderfully vibrant use of colour. 

    Sarah B, London

    Lisa’s art provides inspiration for everyone. From the way she uses crystals to the choice of uplifting words, each unique piece of art uplifts the soul. As an owner of several original works, I was mesmerised by how a special energy and aura in her strokes of paint and literally brought the colours to life. 

    Swee-Lin L, Singapore

    My small LS “jewel” - is soft and greeny grey - it shimmers with her textured use of paint - flecked with subtle lavender - touched with a hint of earthiness - you are drawn on a gentle journey through her depths and layers  - lead by the touches of light and forever intrigued each time you view it...

    Fiona W, Winchester, UK

    Lisa's artwork is uplifting, inspiring, calming and very beautiful. It adds rays of sunshine into everybody's life and invites you to embrace all there is.  

    E H-B, Miami, USA

    It has pride of place in our home, I so love your work!!

    Tessa P, London

  • View the full art collection

    View the full art collection

    To see the full art collection of high-vibrational paintings, sustainable, eco-friendly prints and free downloadable art CLICK HERE