When an artist creates a work, a part of their energy, their vitality is held in that artwork forever... it has therefore always been my intention to add only good, uplifting energy into the works I create.

    Lisa Sharpe is a high frequency intuitive artist and art curator who has been involved in the world of Art and Design for over 25 years.  


    Lisa's artistic practice is about expressing energy and emotions through paintings and 3D artworks: making what's not physical, physical: she has had a life-long affinity with art and an intuitive understanding of its power to uplift and connect. Much of her work is informed by her own writing and her interest in exploring vibrational energy, the Law of Attraction and the Quantum Field. 


    Lisa's artistic journey started at the age of 21 when she set up her own business designing handmade silk shoes. Having designed the bridesmaids' shoes for the Duke and Duchess of York's Royal Wedding, she was selected as shoe designer for the BBC "Bride of the Year" TV series and had won a major Conde Nast Fashion Award by the time she was 25. 



    Lisa later went on to follow her passion for art by working for several art galleries and in 2006, set up Lisa Sharpe Contemporary Art in order to help private collectors build personalised art collections. Lisa continues to source artworks for private clients whilst also focusing her time on her own artistic practice in her Hampshire studio. 


    Writing has always been a part of Lisa's creative process and together with exploring the quantum field and vibrational energy, a constant theme throughout her work, she can be found exploring ways of visually capturing energies and emotions: making what's not physical, physical. 

     Art has always been my passion: I believe that it should be about pleasure and the senses: it should touch your soul and stir something inside you, always giving you something back.... Through the medium of paint, colour has the ability to create its own visual language: a language which like music, bypasses the mind and connects directly to the soul - it is this language of emotions and connection which I am trying to speak...  

  • In 2016, Lisa started collaborating with Swiss gemologist and jewellery designer Doris Hangartner to create Gem Art Fusion: a unique concept of matching a painting with its resonating gemstone. The fusion of stone and painting create perfect synergy as the two together, become more than the sum of their individual parts: this unique alignment of two beautiful energies creates a profoundly deep visual and sensory experience.

  • Lisa sits on art panels, charity fund-raising committees and has written numerous articles on collecting art; she has been a supporter of the charity Children & The Arts for several years. 

    I believe that connecting children with the Arts can change a child's life forever: Children & the Arts focuses its attention on children from less fortunate backgrounds where going to an art gallery, museum or theatre is not the norm. This pleasure of experiencing paintings, sculpture, dance or theatre first hand, gives children a deeper understanding of what self-expression is all about and the different forms it can take; I believe that this extra layer of personal experience where children witness others express themselves creatively, helps in the positive development of all children and opens their hearts to the pleasure of the Arts.


    Lisa Sharpe's 2016/17 Exhibition at Grace Belgravia, London