Lisa Sharpe's works are in private collections in the UK, USA, Canada, France, Greece, Switzerland and Singapore. 



Lisa Sharpe is an artist who paints with her heart and soul. Each stroke has great energy and thought running through it. There is always something more to discover in her work particularly through her wonderfully vibrant use of colour. S.B, London
Lisa Sharpe's artwork is uplifting, inspiring, calming and very beautiful. It adds rays of sunshine into everybody's life and invites you to embrace all there is."  E H-B, Miami
Lisa's art provides inspiration for everyone. From the way she uses crystals to the choice of uplifting words, each unique piece of art uplifts the soul. As an owner of several original works, I was mesmerised by how a special energy and aura in her strokes of paint and literally brought the colours to life. S.L.L, Singapore
Lisa Sharpe is a talented artist who integrates her expertise in colour, texture, pattern and light with vibrational energy healing. She infuses this energy into her artwork using high vibrational paints and positive intentions. Lisa’s kind, compassionate and encouraging nature also shines through all her interactions. Her customer service is top notch. I am the proud owner of a Lisa Sharpe original, “Blues in the Mist” and I soak up the beautiful serene energy of this painting each and everyday. Heartfelt gratitude to Lisa Sharpe Art for elevating my home and brightening my life with brilliant, irreplaceable one-of-a-kind, high vibrational artwork. K.B Toronto, Canada
Lisa's latest work one may think is all about colour - however, although she is not afraid and immerses herself in all colours of the palette it is only when I look and respond to my painting by her that I notice so many other aspects of her work. My small LS "jewel" - is soft and greeny grey - it shimmers with her textured use of paint - flecked with subtle lavender - touched with a hint of earthiness - you are drawn on a gentle journey through her depths and layers  - lead by the touches of light and forever intrigued each time you view it.

F.W. Winchester UK